Rise Protocol Launch Details!


Additional Details:

  • Initial liquidity will be LOCKED for one month. At the end of the month, frictionless yield and liquidity rewards accrued by team-provided liquidity will be withdrawn, and the remaining locked for another month.
  • All RISE tokens gained by team-provided liquidity through frictionless yield and liquidity rewards will be burned (sent to Supermassive Black Hole).
  • ETH gained by team-provided liquidity will be used to fuel marketing campaigns and development efforts.
  • This will provide us with a massive monthly burn event, as well as steady stream of marketing funds in ETH.
  • Liquidity will be LOCKED, and tokens distributed before the “enable trading” function is called. This ensures that once trading begins, everyone will have their allocated RISE tokens, and liquidity is already locked, meaning a 100% safe environment to trade in.
  • After the first hour of launch, at 21:00 UTC, the maximum transaction size limit of 500 RISE will be removed.
  • 5,000 team tokens are vested over a 2 month period.
  • 20,000 seed investor tokens are vested over a 1 month period.
  • Seed investors obtained RISE at a 10% discount or less.




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Rise Protocol Official

Rise Protocol Official

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